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Many consumers in Germany know the situation: the washing machine is suddenly broken and must of course be quickly replaced, so that in one fell swoop between 400 and 800 euros is due. In most cases, the purchase price is raised by using the disposition credit. However, it is precisely this amount of credit available on the current account that results in the checking account subsequently remaining in the negative not just weeks or months, but years.

The main reason is that there is no obligation on the part of the account holders to reimburse the claimed credit line until a certain point in time. Thus, the negative balance of accounts is becoming a habit, which is of course financially an absolutely negative point. In worse cases, it can even happen that the repayment credit is used more often and to a greater extent, so that ultimately even an over-indebtedness can be the result.

Installment loans nowadays considerably cheaper than scheduling loans

In particular, if the situation described above occurs, the discretionary loan is thus not only short and to a lesser extent, but instead long-term and claimed with a few thousand euros, an installment loan can be the much better alternative. First of all, installment loans are available at a significantly lower interest rate than out-of-pocket loans. For example, anyone who uses his current account for an average of 2,000 euros a day should better repost the amount into a installment loan. Due to the low interest rates, it is possible without any problems, depending on the debit balance on the checking account between 100 and even save up to more than 1,000 euros a year in interest. This is the result of a current sample calculation of the consumer portal.

Savings potential for installment credit is enormous

Savings potential for installment credit is enormous

Who takes his current account or the disposition loan made available, for example, on average, with 4,000 euros, which currently pays in the nationwide average for annual interest of around 400 euros. The nationwide Dispozins is on average namely still just under 10 percent. If, on the other hand, you opt for an installment loan that can be obtained, for example, via the consumer portal at an average interest rate of just slightly more than 2.5 per cent, you only pay around 100 euros. In this respect, the savings potential in this example is not less than about 300 euros per year.

Installment credit can also be used to reschedule other loans

Of course, the installment loan can not only be used to replace an expensive credit line. Instead, many current consumers see themselves in the situation that they may pay for one or more existing installment loans, perhaps a now overpriced interest rate of 8, 10 or more percent. As with real estate loans, interest rates on installment loans have fallen significantly in recent years. Therefore, it makes sense in such cases to replace the relatively expensive installment loans with a new consumer loan, which is certainly equipped with a lower interest rate.

Pay attention to the appropriate monthly rate

Regardless of whether you are borrowing a new installment loan to make up for the debit balance on your checking account, or to replace existing installment credits, you should always choose the monthly loan installment to be agreed wisely. For example, it would be a mistake to go close to your financial capacity so that the monthly loan installment may be unsustainable at the first unforeseen financial expense. Therefore, it is important that you can really carry the credit rate well.

A big help here can be the income and expenditure account, which gives you an overview of how much of your monthly income on average actually actually freely available. The loan installment that you then agree on installment credit must in no case be higher than this freely disposable income. Most experts even suggest that after deducting the monthly loan installment from disposable income, there should still be a cushion of at least 100-200 euros a month.

After the checking account balance, do not slip again into the minus

Another important tip, which in turn concerns the rescheduling of the disposition credit or debit balance on the current account in a installment loan, is that you do not fall back into old habits after clearing the current account, and use the repayment credit practically after a few weeks. It can therefore be helpful that you agree with your bank that the disposition credit on the checking account is either completely canceled or at least significantly reduced. In this case, you must be aware, however, that the bank may then no longer allow even the smallest overdrafts of the checking account.

However, this measure is important in any case, because after you have made a rescheduling using a installment loan, it is of course extremely counterproductive, if you still use the repayment credit then again. In that case you would have more debt than before and the financial burden would be higher, so that the whole purpose of debt restructuring would have been reduced to absurdity.

Find the appropriate installment loan by means of a comparison

Find the appropriate installment loan by means of a comparison

The only question that many consumers will probably face in the context of the situation outlined above is how to find a cheap installment loan. This question is very easy to answer, because the numerous consumer portals on the Internet allow a comparison of offers. Therefore, it is usually within a few minutes possible to make a comparison to find the cheapest loan offers. However, remember that rescheduling only makes sense if you subsequently pay a lower effective interest rate than you did before.

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Private Financing and Loans for Companies Fri, 01 Mar 2019 13:53:00 +0000

What types of financing can I find for my SME? What is Crowdlending, a line of credit and an online loan?

If you have a small or medium business, it is convenient to have several types of financing. That they grant you methods of economic aid at the time of an emergency or in case of lack of liquidity. Here we present three types of opportunities where you could get benefits.

In Spain every day more different ways of obtaining money are looked for. It is not surprising that these methods have evolved rapidly. The crisis that the country experienced during the last 10 years has led us to look for different ways to survive. Bringing afloat companies that could be clearly broken today. Globalization has also helped in this process. We have learned from other countries that were pioneers in this type of alternative methods. That not only benefit the SMEs, but also the creditors. Taking out the hegemony that the banking entities had over the control of loans, credits and other ways of financing.

The Bank of Spain has indicated on several occasions that they have been constituted with firm step and good receipt by the population.

If you are looking for something different from the bank loan. We will present three ways you can get money for your company. Without having to resort to your bank. The loans for online companies. The lines of credit granted by private financial companies and crowdlending. With these you can easily inject capital into your business at any time. It does not matter if it is to solve a problem of lack of cash flow or to promote a new project.

Loans for Companies New Way Online

Loans for Companies New Way Online

You have a small company and every time you arrive at the end of the month you are late in payments to suppliers or with taxes. Sometimes your clients pay you invoices at the wrong time and this causes an imbalance in the capital that they manage even to pay payroll. Or maybe you want to invest in that project that can grow your business and give you much more money with significant return on investment.

You can go to the bank and start the procedures for a loan. However, this only works for situations where you can wait for bureaucratic procedures. You can also search for loans for online companies. They are a quick way to get money without having to go to the bank. The best thing is that there are many credit offers that you can take advantage of. If you take the time necessary to surf the internet. These financial companies not only provide personal loans of low amounts even with Financial Credit Institutions. But they also offer different online loans for companies, entrepreneurs and people with new projects.

How it works, start by defining the amount you need. Then give yourself a few minutes to read the conditions of each online loan for companies that can serve you. Apply for one or several at the same time. Usually, they give you an answer after one minute, at the latest the next day. When approved, follow the steps to validate the loan. Ready the money arrives in your account the same day. With this you can solve any outlay of money that you have to make urgent. No more paperwork or paperwork than the one described above. Very useful in cases of emergency or to take advantage of an opportunity. As for example the purchase of raw material or goods at a good price.

Loans for Small or Better Companies. Credit lines.

Loans for Small or Better Companies. Credit lines.

What is a credit line ?. They are a kind of open account where the company can withdraw money as a loan up to the amount set by the financier that grants it. It is an easy credit in which you will only pay for the amount you used for a consecutive month.

For example: You obtained a line of credit for 10000 euros per month. It could be that you do not use anything of that amount and there would be no problem. Follow the line open for the next month. In which you had to use 2500 euros to give temporary liquidity to your business. Then you must return only the 2500 euros you used along with your interests. You will pay a little more but it will have been worth it since you got out of your financial trouble or used it to good advantage.

Lines of credit are offered by any financial institution. In the case we are dealing with, the same companies mentioned above are those that are providing credit lines for companies. They are processed completely online and can be acquired by any SME that meets the minimum requirements.

Undoubtedly it is better to have a line of credit if it is small amounts that can be returned in days. It is not worth going through the process of applying for a loan over and over again. When you can operate immediately with the money made available. For instant use and with friendly conditions to pay for the amount used.

Many companies use this type of financial leverage today. Your company can obtain more benefits by becoming a fixed client of one of these financiers, finding out is your prerogative.

Crwodlendig instead of Loans for Companies in Crisis

What is crowdlending? It is called this way to the system of financing by means of the loan of a capital to a company (it can be also, people or group of people with a project). The creditors are mainly made up of private investors or other companies. These seek to support with money given as a loan, in exchange for certain interests.

The transaction is made through a mediating platform. This one exposes the particular cases that seek loans and monetary support. It does not matter if they are companies or natural persons. Those investors choose the case to which they want to inject money. A third step would be the negotiation between lender and borrower about the conditions and terms of this loan, helping as a mediator the platform in which they were connected. Once both parties have agreed on all the details, the capital is disbursed. That will be paid according to those established between parties and regulated by the mediating platform.

In Spain, this form of financing has boomed in recent years. If your company is facing a crisis but has the potential to get out of it with an injection of capital. You have many chances to get the money you need through this non-traditional method.

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Business Loan for all entrepreneur Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:51:54 +0000

Migues intends to continue providing business credit to entrepreneurs. What is a Migues? This is a union consisting of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. For the continuation of these unions, support from the Dutch government is important.

This appears after research of the Migues itself. With a Migues for entrepreneurs, the economy in provinces and municipalities can be stimulated.

Credit for entrepreneurs via Migues remains necessary

Entrepreneurs can continue to use credits provided by Migues Groningen. The union also guides entrepreneurs in addition to granting credits. The Migues was established in Groningen during the economic crisis. It was particularly difficult for many entrepreneurs to take out a business loan with the bank. Even though we have left the crisis behind us, the Migues remains active. Even now the banks are providing loans to entrepreneurs a little faster. Robert Wielinga brings out that news.

Providing credit to entrepreneurs must go hand in hand with coaching

He is the chairmen of the union for entrepreneurs in Groningen. He praises the strength of the Migues, but also highlights the need for it. For example, entrepreneurs who receive a credit are coached through the union by another experienced entrepreneur. With a business credit through the bank , the entrepreneur has to find out everything himself. That does not always work well.

How does a Migues work?

Are you an entrepreneur and do you need financing so that your company can grow? Or are you a starter and do you need a loan to get your business off the ground? Then you can of course borrow money from the bank. But that is not without risk. In the case of a Migues (the Netherlands has several Miguess, spread across the country), in addition to credit you also receive guidance from an experienced entrepreneur. A union is seen as an addition to the existing credit system.

Maximum business loan is 250,000 euros

The union is in reality a cooperative and this consists of both creditors and borrowers. They are all entrepreneurs and members of the cooperative. Self-employed people can not become a member. You must be an entrepreneur from small and medium-sized businesses. The maximum business loan is 250,000 euros. You can borrow at least 50,000 euros. Since 2014, the cooperative in Groningen has provided a total of 10 loans of an average of 100,000 euros to entrepreneurs.

Members receive dividend

Members can deposit money in a central greenhouse. They receive a dividend on that amount if the union achieves a positive result over a financial year (on the funds that have been invested). Which entrepreneur gets a credit, that is decided by the board of the cooperative.

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